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The FaxBox apparatus enables management of incoming or outgoing corporate fax.

  • no more paper, sending and reception through email to consult a fax from anywhere.
  • automatic digitalization of documents.
  • use of opensource software packages (Hylafax Server) so to save on licenses.

The posting will take place from the PC or Tablet of any authorized users, through a comfortable web interface, whilst reception will take place on the Fax Server that converts faxes into PDF format, then sends them to qualified users for these services, via email. The Fax-Server will store an archive of sent and received faxes. The manner and duration of this storage are definible as desired.

Main Client side web interface characteristics:

  • visualization of fax, directly from PC/Tablet browser;
  • visualization of miniature preview;
  • fax rotation;
  • fax download in PDF format;
  • forwarding of fax to other e-mail (no client mail necessary);
  • forwarding of fax as PDF attachment to an e-mail address;
  • modification of fax description (for archive searches);
  • storage and/or deletion of a fax (based on user privileges);
  • fax number identification (CSID)
  • cusomizable covers support with company logo;
  • email2fax support;
  • unlimited users;
  • unlimited channels;
  • fax numbers blacklist;
  • phone book import from .vcf files (vCard);
  • DB storage of received/sent faxes;
  • archive fax search (received, sent, data, category, company);
  • sending of faxes through the upload of PDF, TIFF and text files (TXT);
  • postponed send;
  • distribution list support;

Every valid user of the Fax-Server also has at his/her disposal:

  • language selection;
  • e-mail settings for notifications of correctly sent Faxes;
  • customizable cover fields;
  • resetting the access pasword.

Main Characteristics of the Web Server Interface:

  • setting the network interface (IP/mask etc.);
  • log management;
  • multi-modem support and configuration;
  • system information;
  • backup/restore configuration;
  • creation/management of user authorizations (visible channels, fax deletion, administrazion, email), DB dump configuration and archive backup/sharing (nfs, samba, etc.).

Other Advantages:

  • multiplatform;
  • remote access to interfaces;
  • centralized digital fax archive, with masks for fast searches;
  • drastic reduction in use of toner,paper, and printer maitenance;
  • online contact list, usefull for reducing errors in dialing destination number.

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