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In order to implement an automated system designed to create encrypted copies of the data
 contained in the Corporate Server's Scheduled Files and ensure that such data is subsequently transferred
 in secure mode, to the outside of the business premises (Disaster Recovery Backup Service)
and stored at DATA CENTER Infotech, we offer the Secure Backup system that includes a Backup Server
 with an emergency PDC function (manual) that is to be located in the customer premises.

This sever will execute, in a completely autonomous manner, scripts for copying on Corporate Servers, in a totaly schedulated or incremental mode.

Access and visibility to this data is permitted, in protected mode, only through sharing in read only mode.

Futher on, based on the established policies, if integrated with the Disaster Recovery service, the Backup Server will send the copied data through ADSL/HDSL connectivity already present (or any other that can be forseen and activated), during the periods of inactivity of the same (nights or weekends) to the Backup Server housed in Infotech's Data Center.

The Backup operations executed, will be placed into appropriate log files and email messages to sent to the person in charge at client's company and to our Support Center.