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The PDC apparatus is based on Intel and Linux Operating Systems. They were chosen for their high level of reliability and low costs of the OS itself (both OS and network applications won't have to be bought, given that it is all "Open Source Software").


The PDC allows computers on the client network to be part of an NT domain, enabling data access only to users defined on that PDC, and therefore correctly and centrally managing periodic password changes based on specific deadlines.


The server maintenance will be carried out by performing fixed monthly cleaning (logs, temp. files, etc.) other than verifying the presence of the relative updates of installed software packages (bug fixes, security updates, etc.) and in particular:

  • System functionality checks on a weekly basis (remotely done);
  • Weekly cleaning of temp. files, checks on log files and backup execution (also remotely done);
  • Tri-monthly and emergency updates (if needed) of used and installed software packets.

In case of system failure, within 4 work days, our IT specialists garentee a quick intervention.

Contact us for futher support and assistance.