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The Hotel WhiteLabel product realizes a service that enables Oline Booking on the hotel website in a matter of minutes, allowing immediate bookings with or without credit card completely without intermediation and in the Lite profile, platform costs are free of charge.

The web application disbursed by the platform may be used in their own or inserted into the hotel portal context through an IFrame, and therfore can be used with all CMSs opensource or owned (Joomla, Drupal, etc.) and the web application GUI (graphic user interface) used can be personalized through appropriate modifications to the CSS directives.

The web application dispensed by the Hotel WhiteLabel platform collaborates with the CRSEngine application from which it receives availability data and prices colaborates with the Payment Collector Proxy to carry out aventual transactions on client credit cards.

Given that the availability data and prices are managed by the CRSEngine, the insertion and modification of data may be done Manually through the CRSEngine backoffice web interface, also Automatically through the Procurement APIs (web services with OTA XML syntax) and the availabilities data and prices are availabile thanks to the Distribution APIs for distribution on different channels from Hotel Whitelabel (for example category portals, or Tour Operators, giving a garentee to the receptive facilities that the data inserted into the system has a high level of "reusability" and minimizes the problem of data replication.ollowing

the Hotel WhiteLabel platform implements the following characteristics:

Back Office Functionalities:

  1. User Interface web 2.0 for the admin management (backoffice) inherited by CRSEngine
  2. API for Distribution towards portals and/or Tour Operators XML-OTA
  3. API for Procurement and data capture towards the Hotel PMS XML-OTA.

la piattaformaHotel WhiteLabel implementa le seguenti caratteristiche:

Front Office Functionalities:

  1. User Interface web 2.0
  2. Authenticated/Anonymous Access
  3. Online Booking
  4. 5 step Booking (Research, Details, Participants, Trolly, Payment).
  5. Single/Multi Room Booking (a new and improved graphic interface allows the user to select the cfinal ombination desired without having to scroll through a long list of prepackaged combinations).
  6. Ancillary Services with daily schedule (usable also for realizing packets that contain courses, access ancillary structures like swimming pools, tennis courts, etc., shows, transfers, parking, treatments, etc.).
  7. Low Cost Flight Ancillary Services (allows for search and eventual reservation of low cost flights to and from the hotel's city staing within the Booking IFrame).
  8. End User Backoffice (archive for travel documents and paperwork identified based on the associated login [email address] and authenticated through Password and/or PNR)
  9. Multimode Payment Collection (for example Immediate Debit Credit Card instead of Differenciated Payment based on the promotion code brough by the user).
  10. Promo Code (enables code definitions even if used in authentication fase, and is designed to display to the customer products correlated to that promotion code, and therefore with different prices, different payment methods, different cancellation policies, etc.).
  11. Google Analytics (allows you to utilize on your Hotel WhiteLabel all the SEO tools available from Google).

the platform allows us to:

  • create suitable products for "Business"
  • create suitable products for "Leisure" like for example the 3x2 and 4x3 offers, and more generally the weekly residence packages with or without restrictions on the arrival date or the weekend packages.
  • manage "Last minute" or "Early Booking" products.
  • manage the Open/Close for each product and therfore to operate in "Free Sale" mode.
  • manage different types of cancellation fees.
  • manage different forms of collections (cash in).

The platform is dispensed, if not differently agreed, in BEST EFFORT service mode on shared machines and therefore covered by:


  1. Hardware
  2. Internet connectivity
  3. System Management (Database OS, Application Container)
  4. Application development
  5. Second level Help Desk
  6. Avrage dimensioning  of elements coherent with the BEST EFFORT mode declared and with indications on minimal overall questioning garanteed on time frames of "1 minute","Daily" and "Monthly".


  1. Underline the service agreement for the use of the Hotel WhiteLabel platform
  2. Agreements with Bank istitutions for merchant codes (in case of payments with credit card)

The Hotel WhiteLabel platform is dispensable with 4 different "profiles", and the tabel below lists the planned functionalities for each profile. 

Lite Standard Deluxe Superior
Canone Mensile FREE 20€ 50€ 99€
Payment Collector Only PayPal PayList(*) PayList(*) PayList(*)
Max BackOffice Account 1
Max BackOffice Role 1
Advertising Free NO SI SI SI
Multi Room NO SI SI SI
Google Analytics Integration NO SI SI SI
CSS Customize NO NO SI SI
Flow Customize NO NO SI SI
Distribution API NO NO SI SI
Procurement API NO NO SI SI
Promo Code NO NO SI SI
Ancillary Services NO NO SI SI
Flight Low Cost Ancillary(**) NO NO NO SI


(*) CTRIV, SETEFI, BNLPositivity, Banca Sella, PayPal
(**)the Low Cost Flight functionality is composed of up to a maximum of 1500 queries and the eventual exceeding of such limit si to be agreed on.

The usage support for the service is not included in the prices indicated, and in case support is needed, it is possible to aquire a prepayed package costing 100 Euro for a corrispondent 5 interventions (max 30 minutes each).

Infotech periodically organizes, at it's headquarters in Padua, training courses for the use of the Hotel WhiteLabel platform which lasts an entire day at the cost of 200 Euro per participant.

For further information, contact Infotech's commercial facility.

To activate a Hotel Whitelabel "lite" profile, complete the form below and wait for sms to obtain access credentials.

With the "Superior" Hotel WhiteLabel package it is possible to activate the Channel Manager functionality (two way distribution like Expedia, Venere, Booking, etc.) paying a monthly fee based on the number of activated channels. It is also possible with this profile to create on demand, new distribution channels and new access credentials to these channels.

Furthermore, if requiered, we also evaluate the ad-hoc integration:

  • Payment Collector different from the ones implemented (CTRIV, SETEFI, BNLPositivity, Banca Sella, PayPal)
  • Integration with the Hotel Managerial following different syntax and/or modes from the ones implemented.
  • Platform activation on dedicated machines.