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The Showcase WhiteLabel is a "Web application" usable internally to an IFrame that interacts with the CRSEngine and that allows for availability and price queries to be executed for all receptive facilities associated.

This "Web application" is comprised of two pages: one for setting the search parameters, meaning the place of stay, the time frame of stay, the participants, and a second to display the search results.

On the search results page, for every receptive solution there is a button that allows the user to pass from the oline booking fase, to the page containing the IFrame with the Hotel WhiteLabel from the identified receptive facility.

The Hotel  WhiteLabel from the receptive facility is invoked by keeping track of the search parameters set on the Showcase WhiteLabel and therfore can visualize the list of compatible solutions with those parameters.

The Showcase WhiteLabel is the tool through which third parties (Direct Selling Helpers) can build portals to facilitate the flow of visitors towards the online booking environment of the receptive facility and are therfore facilitators of disintermediate sales.

The Showcase WhiteLabel is the ideal tool for facilities that work for the promotion of territorial and/or categorical tourism of which (for example) TPA (Tourist Promotion Company), and the TIA (Tourist Information Assistance)

The Showcase WhiteLabel platform implements the following characteristics:

Front Office Functionalities:

  1. User Interface RIA (Rich Internet Application)
  2. CSS Customizable the aspect of the Showcase WhiteLabel that is personizable through the selection of one ore more preconfigured CSS templates, or through the creation of a custom CSS template.
  3. External Search Form allows the user to invoce the Showcase WhiteLabel, contained within the IFrame of a page from the Direct Selling Helper portal, directly on the availability search results page, and is therefore possible to place everywhere, on it's website or on any other site, HTML code that realizes a preconfigured search form, who's "submit" button brings the user to the webpage containing the IFrame, in this way it is fesable to create an advertising campaign on third party sites that already contain preconfigured forms for selecting a staying time frame, and participant profiles.
  4. Google Analytics (permits tracing the use of the Showcase WhiteLabel through SEO tools placed at our disposal by Google).

The application is dispensed in SaaS mode (Software as a Service) and if not agreed in a specifically different manner, with SLA (Service Level Agreement) BEST EFFORT on shared machines, and therfore are borne by:


  1. Hardware
  2. Internet Connection
  3. System Management (Database OS, Application Container)
  4. Application Development
  5. Second level Help Desk
  6. BEST EFFORT dimentioning, calculated with average traffic per single facility equal to 1000 querys/day and 5 querys/minute.
  7. PERSONALIZED dimentioning (given the dedicated estimate is present), realized based on the number of querys agreed on the "1 minute", "1 day", "1 month" temporary windows .