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MÉNTORE: E-learning software

Méntore is our solution for training at a distance

Méntore is a e-learning software platform for managing and creating training courses; the most immediate instrument for satisfying training and information needs within the companies.

  • Complete management through WEB technologies: operates on Internet/Intranet without requiring the installation of client software, with low band width consumption and  Immediate installation and execution: training and installation requiere less than 2 hours. Available in Saas mode (Software as a service: published by an InfoTech Server). Non necessity to train pupils to take advantage of the courses;
  • Immadiately operative: with few rapid steps your documentation can easily become a dispensable training course. A chain of already prepared corses (GiocoForma)corvers most of the most important and common corporate necessities.
  • Resgistation and proper certifications to the set standards by the safety on the work place protocol (Dlgs. 626/94 e Dlgs. 81/08), from the law on privacy and on funded training. 
  • Does not require dedicatd personel. The IT Skills necessary to create courses are equivalent to the ones required to type on a PC. Student accreditation, course delivery, assessment and certification of training with certification are made fully automatic.
  • Simple but endearing: exploiting the potential behind the WEB allows us to integrate texts, Images, Media (video, audio, aimations)and other existing documentation in an orderly, elegant, user-friendly and consistent context with the corporate image.

The solution e-learning Méntore offers: