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IperV (Internet Veneto) was founded in 1994 as the first Internet POP of the Veneto. It was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Chamber of Commerce of Padova and Padova Ricerche, participating in the technical realization of the founders of Infotech.
In 2005 Padua Ricerche, having become Trastec, yields to Infotech (who has always taken care of the technical and economic operability) the business unit that consists of IperV.

IperV is:

  • TLC operator with general approval (Ministry of Economic Development) for the ISP and WISP and nomadic VOIP on numbering 55;
  • Writing to R.O.C. number 13641 of 06/2006;
  • LIR (Local Internet Registry) IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2a00: c18 :: / 32) at the RIR RIPE
  • Assignee of the Autonomous System AS16076 at RIPE
  • Maintainer of NIC domain names




 IperV provides the Internet access service to end-users in different geographical areas and in different types of means of transmission and coding:

  • access to PSTN / ISDN network of geographic numbering on all exchange areas;
  • in xDSL accesses throughout the country
  • Hyperlan access (radio)
  • satellite access twoway 2

IperV provides transit service to other operators.

IperV provides the hosting / housing service in all different forms:

  • colocation;
  • web hosting (static and dynamic) Virtual Hosting Linux;
  • virtual housing servers at the server farm of Padua;

IperV provides application services:

  • DNS servers
  • Radius authentication
  • SMTP server
  • SMTP back-up
  • POP3 server
  • WebMail
  • Remote Back-UP
  • net Disk
  • MCU (Media Central Unit) for the Video Conference Service Web 2.0